A landlord dispute has led to the closure of the United States first known legal pot club in Colorado.

The Associated Press reports Tuesday that the White Horse Inn in the southern Colorado town of Del Norte closed a day after its opening because of a landlord dispute.

Owner Paul Lovato says that he wanted to be first in the nation to open a marijuana club. He beat another marijuana club in Denver by a few hours.

Lovato says his lease on the building didn't start until Tuesday. Lovato said that when his landlord saw the publicity about the club, he canceled the lease before it took effect.

Colorado voters in November legalized use and limited possession of marijuana. The marijuana measure bans public consumption but doesn't ban members-only group smoke-outs.

According to an attorney for another pot-smoking club in Denver the clubs are permissible under Colorado's new constitutional amendment on marijuana. Marijuana will not be sold at clubs. He said Denver's Club 64 had 200 members over age 21, as of Monday, who had paid $29.99 for a one-time club event.

Law enforcement officials in Wyoming have recently voiced concern over the passage of Colorado's Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana for recreational use in Colorado.