Over the last week, Casper has enjoyed temperatures ranging anywhere from the high 50s to mid to high 70s. Maybe that's why so many people were out enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it was boating, swimming or just floating, Alcova had quite a few early visitors for 2021.

The official 5150' Local Instagram account posted a beautiful, short video with a caption that read:

Never. Gets. Old. ☁️✌🏼 #5150local #alcova #alcovalake

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It always nice to get a good look at the great outdoors, because springtime in Wyoming has a tendency to resemble winter off and on until the closer to the end of May. If you don't believe me, up to a foot of snow is expected is the south east of the state throughout Monday afternoon (May 3rd, 2021).

Snow or no snow, we know eventually the warmer weather will return, and when it does, it'll be time to hit Alcova Lake again in full force.

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