From September 15th to October 15th Is national Hispanic Heritage Month, so I found some bands that have Hispanic members or artists that are Hispanic.  

Like most Americans I am racially mixed. That’s kind of the beauty of this big ‘ol melting pot we live in. We (as americans) are historically the most accepting of other cultures. We were the first to end slavery and to fight for racial equality. Though it has not been a perfect journey, I believe it’s right to be able to remember the past for what it was, the good and the bad.  

It’s important to have the “months”, weeks, days, or even just a singular night of remembrance for many of these people who used to be so heavily discriminated against. For some, Hispanic Heritage Month is a chance to reconnect with a piece of their past, spend time with family, or even just an excuse to make/eat some bomb food!   

Food is definitely the most common way to celebrate. In my house we make all kinds of stuffs, Enchiladas, Sopapillas, Pozole, and Tortillas to go with literally anything and everything we make. Music is also a very important role in my house, but I understand that many feel they cannot really enjoy this music in it’s entirety without being able to understand it. Knowing that it’s ignorant to say “just learn the language" so most of these artists have songs all in English. So don’t be afraid to listen to something new as we stuff our faces with some of the best known foods (in my opinion) known to man.  

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