When I woke up this morning, I took a moment to step outside. The dog was laying in the sun on the green grass. I took a good breath of the cool morning. The air here reminds me of camping. The smells you get when you first step out of the tent. It just smells fresh and clean without the city.

Then while scrolling through Facebook, I see an ad for a candle claiming to smell like Wyoming. Homesick Candles helps people who are homesick by selling candles that smell like every state. The idea is the smell reminds you of home thus reducing your homesickness. Can a candle smell like a state?

I have to play the skeptic on this one, but at the same time smell is a strong trigger for memories. Casinos pay a lot of money to develop signature smells which they diffuse into the air. Then the next time you smell their fragrance - Bam! You are having memories of your Vegas vacation.

There are some Wyoming smells that would make terrible candle scents. There is the rotten-egg sulfur from Yellowstone. For Casper, we could have an oil scented candle. The barnyard scent could remind a lot of folk about their home. Come to think of it a candle that smelled like natural gas probably isn't the best idea.

Well, how did they describe the scent of Wyoming?

Inhale the cold winter air and a roaring campfire with scents reminiscent pine needles crunched underfoot, rich cedar and sandalwood, and spice notes of cinnamon, clove, and picked mint.

Yeah, that sounds like camping. Thankfully, it isn't a sulfur or natural gas scented candle. Is it Wyoming? I'd have to smell to tell you.

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