There's an old saying that perception is reality. If that's true, then Casper is safer than Jackson when it comes to crime based on a new study.

Safewise decided to survey their users in Wyoming and ask them what is their major safety concern. I was more than a little surprised to see that Casper folks have slightly less concerns than Jackson.

The full Safewise list shows the top 10 safest cities in Wyoming. In that list, Casper comes in at #7 while Jackson is at the bottom at #10. If you dig into how they got their survey numbers, you can see why.

Jackson had a higher violent crime rate than Casper based on the number of crimes versus the population. There are nearly 6 times more people that call Casper home than Jackson, but the percentage of violent crime is still higher based on the Safewise crime numbers they crunched based on FBI reports.

Casper still has a higher number of property crimes than Jackson, but that doesn't factor into the survey as much as violent crimes.

One other interesting takeaway from this study is that both Lander and Sheridan reported no violent crimes for two consecutive years. That's crazy (in a good way).

Check out the complete Safewise ranking to see where our other Wyoming neighbors landed as far as feeling safe goes.

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