If you blinked, you might have missed it. The subtle reference in Logan to the Cowboy State. Some are calling this movie a modern of a western, and you can't have a western without Wyoming.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The storyline of the X-men spinoff has an allusion to a 1953 western movie, Shane. Shane is about a gunfighter who strolls into a small Wyoming homestead that is caught up in a conflict with some cattlemen. Not only is the story centered in Wyoming, but Shane was filmed in the Grant Teton National Park and Jackson.

In the movie Logan, we see that that iconic mountain shot of the South, Middle, and Grand Teton when Shane plays on the TV at the casino hotel. Xavier (Patrick Stewart) tells Laura (Dafne Keen) it is the first movie he has ever seen. Laura watches intently. The scene from Shane becomes key later in the movie, but we won't spoil what happens.

There is also a visual shout-out to Wyoming. Logan (Hugh Jackman,) Xavier and Laura stop to help a rancher whose horses escaped after their truck was driven off the road. The family then offers a home cooked meal for the favor. Later while the son of the rancher and Laura listen to music on a mp3 player, the camera pans across the room showing the 2nd and 3rd place rodeo trophies he had won. There nailed to the wall is Steamboat, an old Wyoming license plate.

The movie never says where the ranch is, but the allusion to Shane is without a doubt. The producers and directors didn't have to say the name Wyoming for the influence to be there. The writing (or license plate) is on the wall.

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