What this newspaper has done is beyond outrageous... and we have the contact information for this idiot cartoonist. We want you and other good Americans to sound off to him, and his boss.

Hours after the funeral of a true American hero, Obama gave the State of the Union address, and didn't even mention Chris Kyle, but when crackhead Whitney Houston drowned herself he wanted everybody to fly flags at half-staff. That alone was disgraceful to say the least, but what the Charlotte Sun Herald ran in their paper the next day, in my opinion, was even worse.

One day after former U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle was laid to rest, beside fallen brother SEALS in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin the paper ran this cartoon created by Kansas City Star Cartoonist Lee Judge...


If you are for gun control, that's fine but this is a slap in the face to his family, and friends, and a show of disrespect to every man and woman that ever put on a uniform, much less put themselves in the direct line of fire for their country and fellow soldiers..

Here is the email address for cartoonist Lee Judge: ljudge@kcstar.com

His boss is Miriam Pepper: mpepper@kcstar.com

Either way you lean on this particular subject... reach out and share your opinion with these two people. They did it on purpose. The cartoon originally ran February 9, three days before the memorial service at Dallas Cowboy Stadium. So, to publish it the day after was shameful, and frankly it disgusts me.

Kyle served four tours in Iraq, he was known as the most lethal sniper in U.S. Military history. He saved countless American lives by his actions, and earned two Silver Stars. American warriors called him a hero, Al Qaeda called him "The Devil of Ramadi".

If this cartoon bothers you as much as it does me... drop these people an email today.