There was still snow in the forecast for last weekend. But it was only in the higher elevations. That's fine. Everyone likes snow-capped mountains.

There was a little rain in the area but that's actually helped the mountains and grasslands look greener than they have in years.

The sounds of locks turning and doors slowly opening is the first sign that the people of Wyoming are beginning to think that winter might finally be over.

It usually begins by standing on the front porch for a few minutes. The door opened behind them, just in case. Maybe the next day they might be brave enough to walk out onto the driveway.

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But there is never really any trust in these situations. There is always a heavy coat and a bag of cat litter in the back of the car. If you don't know what the cat little is for then you've never been stuck in the snow.

Summer in Wyoming means just one thing: It is time to start preparing for winter.

Time to fatten the animals and grow the crops as quickly as it can be made to happen. Repair the damage caused by last winter and make the house ready for what's coming.

QUICKLY, get as much money from the tourist as a person can. Then send them home before they get stuck here with us. We don't need them hanging out for a full year.

This time of year most of the rest of the country thinks of working on their tan. But Wyomingites don't have that much time, so they just go for a quick farmer's tan and leave it at that.

Wyoming Spring Fever

Enough of Winter. We want to see some spring.

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