In the wake of Whitney Houston‘s untimely death, some of her fellow pop stars are coming out of the woodwork to discuss their own struggles with addiction, as well as the way the entertainment business can help enable patterns of destructive behavior. Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx added his two cents via an appearance last night (Feb. 15) on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight.’

Speaking specifically about physicians who cater to celebrity clients — and, like Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray, end up being caught prescribing things inappropriately — Sixx weighed in on the cycle of substance abuse. “How does nobody get caught doing this?” he asked. “I don’t have experience in that field, but I imagine if you’re getting different prescriptions filled from different doctors, there have to be some checks and balances somewhere.”

As the discussion turned to the way celebrities can use employees and hangers-on to acquire drugs, Sixx asked, “Where does the fault lie? Is it with the artist?” He went on, “I had to find the courage to turn my life around, but it took a minute for me to wake up and realize I was just a slave to the system. I was being put out there to work for months and months and months, because everybody gets paid again on the gross.”

Later, Sixx took to Facebook to talk about his appearance, writing, “Amazing and honest interview on ‘Piers’ yonight! Thanks for calling out all the enablers. Hopefully soon the enablers will be held accountable and this madness stops. I personally am tired and sickened of losing these very talented people.” Watch the clip below:

Watch Nikki Sixx on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

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