According to satirical site, Patrick Dempsey started talking about some people in Casper who helped almost before his car had sputtered to stop last week. There is only one problem with that story, it isn't true. is a satire/fake news site. They ask you to share their story on your Facebook because it's fun, but that doesn't mean it actually happened. However, they do some funny and entertaining stuff. Just take it with a grain of salt.

In the story, Patrick swore two men had no idea who he was, “which just made it all even better," he allegedly said. (If they’d known Patrick’s last name was Dempsey, would they have even known that name, or that they were chatting with “McDreamy?” Clearly, they never watched “Grey’s Anatomy.”)

The story may sound sounds credible, but again, the site is just messing with us.

It's a shame his words weren't really, “I’m moving to Casper, Wyoming!” Good one WKY12.


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