Some people love snakes. I'm not one of them, but I do appreciate a good deal. There's a free albino kingsnake being offered right now on Wyoming Craigslist.

Before I add my commentary, here's how this appeared on Craigslist today. Note that the full species name is Lavender Albino California Kingsnake. By the looks of it, this snake is currently somewhere in Riverton.

Wyoming Craiglist
Wyoming Craiglist

Here's what the current owner said about this special reptile:

Baby snake available for adoption. Reptile is free to good home, shipping is only cost. Gender is undetermined. Eats really well on frozen-thawed pinky mice. Decor and bedding available to be shipped with animal. Animal is in healthy condition.

I have to wonder how you ship a snake. I'm sure there's a safe way to do it. I just can't imagine being the UPS, USPS or Fed Ex guy/gal that suddenly realizes the package they're carrying is hissing.

PetMD lists this species of snake as relatively docile and not aggressive unless threatened. Remind me to not threaten this snake any time soon.

If you fancy yourself a potential owner of a Lavender Albino California Kingsnake, check out the full Craigslist listing. Obviously once it's gone, the link won't work so better act fast.

As for me, this is the one thing I have in common with Indiana Jones. I hate snakes.

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