As soon as I saw this bad review of the city of Casper, I instantly knew what the problem was. One of the first, and probably the smartest advice I have received, is don't try and change people. Just because it is different that doesn't make it wrong. Walk a mile in their shoes. Someone should have given this girl that sage advice.

On, you can learn all about a city's demographics, weather, and even leave reviews about the town. Casper ... is rated with 1 star out of 5. Most of the complaints were about the weather. Some people stated the town has a bad problem with meth. I can't argue too much with that, but this one review is just laughable. It reads:

Did she know she was moving to a red state that hasn't voted Democratic since Lyndon Johnson in 1968? Does she know that the pronoun "I" should be capitalized? Obviously not. Set her political views aside for a moment, all men are not the same. This reviewer never took the time to step outside her comfort zone. She would rather blame someone else.

The website allows people to Agree or Disagree with the review. As of publish date of this story, 21 people have agreed and 83 have dissagreed. To further my point the reviewer replies with this comment on her own post:

Stop disagreeing. if you think im wrong, Ill drown you in hot dog water. just kidding, im not gonna do that but im definatley upset.

She reacts so violently to want to drown someone... It is clear she is the one with the problem. If you take time to get to truly know the town, I believe the town is a great place to call home. That is if the wind doesn't blow you away first.

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