Flood warnings continue for portions of the Laramie River in Goshen and Albany counties, and portions of the North Platte River in Carbon County, according to the National Weather Service.

In Goshen County, the Laramie River is causing moderate flooding near Fort Laramie.

The river is at 8.1 feet, which is 1.1 feet above flood stage. The river is expected to stay at this level through the week. Only minor flooding will occur in the town of Fort Laramie.

However, if it reaches 9.0 feet, major flooding will happen at Fort Laramie State park.

This crest compares to a previous crest of 8.0 feet on May 6, 1971.


In Albany County, the Laramie River was causing minor flooding in the City of Laramie with a stage of 8.6 feet on Monday morning. Moderate flooding is forecast, with a maximum stage of 9.1 feet, which is 1.1 feet about flood stage.

The river is expected to crest near 9.0 feet at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

However, if the river rises to 10.0 feet, major flooding will occur along greenway at Park
and Spruce Streets. Houses in vicinity of greenway experience will major flooding, as will the mobile home park along south end of McCue Street along the river bank. Water will overflow banks in Lee Trailer Court located just north of Curtis Street. Warehouses along Cedar Street will flood. Houses in Cottonwood Estates will experience minor flooding.

The crest compares to 8.8 feet on Jun 14, 2015.


In Carbon County, minor flooding is forecast for the North Platte River at Saratoga, with 8.2 feet reported on Monday morning.

State National Guard troops have been filling sandbags in Saratoga to help local residents.

The maximum stage is 8.5 feet -- equal to the flood stage -- and the river is expected rise above that at noon Thursday.

At flood stage, low-lying areas in the Deer Haven RV Park just north of Saratoga begin to be affected. Water will then approach low-lying areas of homes along the river in town, and water will enter low-lying areas of Veterans Island Park.

This crest compares to 8.5 feet on May 13, 1962.


Likewise, minor flooding is forecast for the North Platte River near Sinclair.

The river will rise above the flood stage of 9.0 feet to an expected 9.1 feet, which is 0.1 feet above flood stage.

The river will fall below flood stage at Tuesday.

However, if the river reaches 10.0 feet, lowland flooding becomes more widespread along the bank near the Fort Steele state historic site. Flooding also would increase across low-lying areas at the Sinclair Golf Club.

This crest compares to 8.9 feet on Jun 7, 2008.

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