Pearl Jam just performed a pair of gigs at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. On May 1, while jamming “Wishlist,” Eddie Vedder added some political lyrics to the song, including, “F—k Donald Trump.”

Trump has received his share of vitriol during this election season, though the majority of America’s voting Republicans support his bid for the presidency. Last night (May 3) was a big one for Trump, as Ted Cruz officially threw in the towel following a primary loss in Indiana. This leaves Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee.

On May 1, Eddie Vedder threw these phrases into “Wishlist”:

“Even I’d be better than some of these men.”

“F—k Donald Trump.”

“It’s like his penis gets smaller every time he says ‘huge’.”

“I like Hillary but I can feel the Bern.”

“All you young voters it’s time you were heard.”

“Please don’t stop don’t ever give up.”

Pearl Jam have a handful of shows left before taking a month off from the road and playing Bonnaroo. After another month-long break from touring, the boys will hit a few more North American festivals before playing baseball stadiums in Boston and Chicago. Check out Pearl Jam’s full list of upcoming tour dates here.

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