Full disclosure, there weren't that many one or even two-star reviews between Trip Advisor and Yelp on Cheyenne Frontier Days. I think this really just ranges from people who like to be miserable, to those that may have had a bad time. Or, most likely, those from Colorado(there were a lot that complained from our friends to the south). To that, I say, good, more show tickets available for locals.

Back to the small number of 1-star reviews, it was really impressive that there were hundreds of 4 and 5-star reviews. That's something to take pride in. The amount of energy that races into Cheyenne for those 10 days is a great representation of what we can do as a community. It's also very lucrative to those with businesses.

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As I combed through the bad reviews, I had to find a way to deflect them. It wasn't very hard. Most of them just seemed like angry people that traveled hours to go to a rodeo or concert. Complaints range from what you'd expect, beer, parking, drunk people, prices, and so forth. I don't know how you go to a huge event like Cheyenne Frontier Days and act as you've never been to a live event before in your life. It's impressive, really.

Any way you look at it, these complaints are at a minimum. People love CFD in general, I mean, some locals go out of town during it, but I get that. The population swells. But, they probably aren't as negative about it as some of these comments are. Let's take a look.

People Who Don't Like Fun-One Star Reviews From Cheyenne Frontier Days

A lot of complaining about the best 10 days of the year from people who don't live here.

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