Casper has seen its fair share of growth and improvement over the years. The east side of town has been exploding and the west side is starting to see more and more development. It hasn't always been that way though.

It seems that just in the past 15 years, Casper has really put the pedal to the floor with new developments. Some of the photos below may seem like a lifetime ago to some, and some may seem like just yesterday. It is interesting to see the changes. Where open fields once stood,  business centers are now thriving. Movies aren't only downtown anymore. Casper has more food options than it has ever had. The Old Yellowstone district used to look like a ghost town and now is a flourishing hot spot for families.

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Folks who grew up in Casper notice the change more than anyone. I would have loved to be a kid when David Street Station was built. When I was a kid, we had a few city pools to choose from. Now there are splash pads and water slides everywhere. Kids in Casper now are lucky to be growing up in a prospering community that has focus on family friendly activities. Kids growing up now will be and are attending newly expanded and updated schools. This is all they have ever known and I am glad that they get to experience some of the good stuff that we adults didn't get to.

It all comes with the times I suppose. Casperites older than me will tell me stories of what Casper looked like when they were young and everything was different for them.

30 Photos That Show Just How Much Casper Has Changed in 15 Years

It is easy to forget the how quickly the world changes around us. These photos show how much Casper has changed in a relatively short period of time.

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