Maybe we're the first to point this out, but Donald Trump’s hair is odd. You don’t see many public figures sporting the front-combover swoop with slicked-back sides and a part that only affects the back of their scalp. Anyway, here’s how some of rock and metal’s most popular musicians would looks like if they adopted Trump’s mane.

We didn’t just find one angle of Donald Trump’s hair. Nope! We managed to grab four (count ‘em) four angles of that frizzed fiasco. Thankfully, a lot of our favorite musicians sport a bald head, so it was easy to slap a Trump wig on them.

Others weren’t so easy, like the perennially long-haired Axl Rose or the delightfully quaffed Corey Taylor (we wonder what he thinks of his new 'do). Nevertheless, we got the job done!

Check out Photoshop Fun: Rockers With Donald Trump Hair in the gallery above! And remember, just because these rockers are shown with Trump hair doesn't mean they're endorsing him for President!

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