I have said it SO many times, but I will repeat. I love Casper, and I love my job, but sometimes you just need a break from both. These are a few places that I like to walk, skate, hike around to help ease stress of everyday.

I am a HUGE nerd. Well... actually I am quite small, but I am a nerd regardless. That being said when I go somewhere I really like, it’s because it made me feel like I was in a movie. Sometimes I feel like a hero in high fantasy, a survivor of a post-apocalyptic world, or an actual “city-kid”. These places aren’t always necessarily “aesthetic”, but they would be great film/photo locations. So if you know someone who is creative in that sense, throw some of these ideas, and look way cooler than you are. Though If you are actually reading this I’m sure you are cool!

Going somewhere in town you don’t usually go in town is surprisingly difficult. It’s like our brain just build their own little box, and whatever we get familiar with becomes a permanent frequent out of limited options. That being said there is almost something new to notice, or to appreciate in the places you already know.

There is something to be said about being able to appreciate where you are at, but that’s a dorky thing to tell people. Go explore, “Run around, scrape your knees, get dirty, climb trees, hop fences, and get into trouble for crying out loud”-Sandlot. Enjoy your life and go on adventures in your (figurative or literal) Backyard.

Places That Make You Forget You're in Casper

Downtown Casper at Night During a Power Outage

Wyoming Game and Fish Outdoor Expo 2022

The Wyoming Outdoor Expo was a fantastic opportunity for families to experience the outdoor world.

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