If you're going out, why not have a taste of Wyoming in your hand!

The weekend is upon us! For many of us that means heading out for date night, with friends or for a G.N.O. (girls night out). This sometimes includes adult beverages. Why not switch up your usual and order something that is truly Wyoming.

Well, at least according to Paste Magazine.

A few years ago they posted a list of "50 State and 51 Cocktails" which named a signature cocktail for each state. Many of these incorporate liquors that the state is known for making or even flavors that are reminiscent of the area. It's like partying with the state itself.


In Wyoming, it's all about the sidesaddle... The Wyoming Sidesaddle. You better hold on, because this drink will throw you around a bit. It's made with "Wyoming Whiskey, Tuaca, gingersnap simple syrup, lemon juice, orange bitters, and Angostura bitters." I'm drawn to that gingersnap simple syrup. That sound delicious!

Fun fact: The Wyoming Sidesaddle was first introduced in 2014 at the Wyoming Whiskey Company "Bartender Shootout" by Kylie North.

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