Do you remember when Prince came to Sheridan? Back in 1986, Lisa Barber won an MTV contest to have a date with the pop star. Price flew down to Sheridan in his Learjet for a blind date plus the world premiere of his new movie, Under the Cherry Moon. Fast forward to 2018, Elizabeth Banks is now looking to make a film about the time Prince made a hotel maid into a queen.

According to Deadline, not only is Banks is directing the movie, but she is to portray Lisa Barber in Queen for a Day. There won't be an actor who plays Prince, but the film will focus on the event and Barber's Cinderella story.

The movie will focus on the herculean effort that went into organizing an event that brought the 5’3″ purple-clad rock icon to a small cowboy town and established his date as a reluctant media sensation - Mike Fleming Jr wrote on

How will Hollywood treat Wyoming? From what we know, the town of Sheridan must have a big part of the story. They might make a few jokes at the state, but we won't know until the movie hits the theaters. Either way, we will be watching.

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