It's a day everyone remembers. A clear September morning, that began with me sleeping only to be awakened by my wife saying, "Something bad is happening." I sat up in the bed searching for the remote to get the latest news and seeing the second plane fly into the Twin Towers.Dazed and confused asking, "was that a plane that just flew into the tower?" Yes, was the reply and it didn't take long to focus and try to comprehend what was taking place. Unbelievable and hard to fathom what my eyes had just seen. As the news began to trickle in, it was hard to swallow that we were under attack on American soil. It wasn't long after the initial shock that the towers tumbled and despair set in. Who, What, and how did this happen? The Pentagon was next and we watched it burn as people fled for their lives. The wreckage in a Pennsylvania field was still to come.

Eleven years later it's still tough to deal with all the innocent lives we lost to some cowards, hell-bent on death and destruction of America. We may have been kicked, but we hung together doing what we had to do to get back on our feet. Can't imagine how the families that lost loved ones got through the ordeal, but they did and came out stronger on the other side.

We will never forget those lost and strive to be better people through adversity and always be thankful that we are, The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave!

President Obama will be attending a memorial service at the Pentagon tomorrow. He had some encouraging words as we look back on this solemn anniversary.


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