A memorial originally scheduled for April has now been rescheduled and is coming to Casper College. It's a tribute called "Remembering the Fallen" and you can see it for yourself starting later this month.

Dr. Nicholas Whipps with Casper College Veteran's Services sent us a note about Remembering the Fallen tribute memorial. The memorial will be viewable at Casper College from Sunday, July 26 through noon on August 5. It will begin with an escort. Here's the itinerary:

• The escort will leave the Torrington Travel Terminal at 9 am
• Arrive at Camp Guernsey at 9:45 am
• Arrive in Glendo at 10:20 am
• Arrive in Douglas at 11:10 am (no stop planned, escort will swing off at exit 135 to allow people to join)
• Arrive in Glenrock at 11:50 am
• Arrive at the Hat Six Travel Center in Casper as 12:20 pm
• Flag Line will welcome the escort at Casper College at 1:30 p.m

The memorial is devoted to the more than 5,000 soldiers that we've lost since 9-11 from the War on Terror. It features 36 ten-foot towers with their photos.

Here are some pictures from the Remembering the Fallen tribute courtesy of Patriotic Productions.org.

Remembering the Fallen Tribute

For more information about Remembering the Fallen, you can visit Patriotic Productions.org or the Casper College website and Facebook page.

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