The name Rolls Royce is synonymous with class. The name emanates prestige, and then pair that with the beauty of Wyoming, and it is astonishing. In a video published by Sheridan Travel and Tourism on YouTube, they beautifully blend luxurious Rolls Royce cars and Wyoming.

The elegance of the car is matched by the elegance of the Kendrick Mansion - otherwise known as the Trail End State Historic Site. The narrative is a woman returning a letter as she walks around the estate and it's lush garden. She drives around the Big Horn Mountains . The narration captures the rough and often hostile life in the old west, along with its strong silent beauty.

It turns out that Sheridan has been working with Rolls Royce for a few years. On the tourism website Shawn Parker, Executive Director of the Sheridan Travel and Tourism office, wrote about the growing relationship with the luxury car maker. On their website in 2016, Parker writes:

In the Dawn, Rolls-Royce has crafted an automobile that offers the perfect balance between sophistication and freedom, one that embodies the best of life lived in Wyoming, and I’m excited to welcome Rolls-Royce to Sheridan for a few days of western hospitality - Shawn Parker.

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