The Alcova Dam in Wyoming is probably the lowest anyone has ever seen it. It's spooky to look at.

In the video above, you can enjoy a flight over the Alcova dam construction and the lake itself. It's a little weird to look at, which is why I'll need to go there in person and see it for myself.

Special thanks to Jeremy Thies for posting this photo on his FaceBook page showing how low the water is. You can walk out past the docks without a problem.

The reason for these low levels is simple: it is time for repairs. That means lowering the water so the work can get done.

The Wyoming Area Office of the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation says began the work at the end of the 2020 irrigation season.

“Completion of this project is important in order to ensure the continued reliability of the spillway structure,” said Wyoming Area Manager Carlie Ronca. “It includes replacing deteriorated concrete on the downstream spillway and stilling basin retaining walls, retaining wall caps, and floor slabs in designated areas. Additionally, it will replace downstream spillway and stilling basin handrails and chain-link fence.” (Hydroreview).

To complete the task, the water had to be lowered 29 feet below what you are used to seeing during the winter months. That brings the elevation from 5,488 feet to 5,459 feet below the spillway crest.

Alcova will be allowed to refill during the second half of December. This will result in a high release through the Miracle Mile and from Pathfinder Dam and a small dip in levels at Seminoe and Pathfinder reservoirs. By Jan. 1, 2021, Alcova should be back at what you are used to seeing.

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