Seven Wyoming anglers joined an elite few, Wyoming Game and Fish announced Monday.

According to game and fish, seven more have earned the Ultimate Angler title.

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Ultimate Angler is a portion of the state's Master Angler program. In order to become a Master Angler, one must catch a fish that is in the top 5% of its size. Once someone catches five species in the Master Angler category, they're recognized as a trophy Angler. Reaching Ultimate Angler status requires one to catch 10 different species of trophy fish.

Just how hard is it to become an Ultimate Angler?

Since the program was conceived in 2019, only 20 Wyoming anglers have reached the coveted status. The latest class of Ultimate Anglers includes:

  • Michael Ayars of Cheyenne
  • Garrett Isaacson of Rock Springs
  • Jaxon King of Laramie
  • Bruce Parker of Casper
  • Robert Larson of Evansville
  • Scott White of Thermopolis
  • Brian Wille of Sheridan

"Congratulations to these seven anglers," Wyoming Game and Fish Deputy Chief of Fisheries Dirk Miller said. "It's certainly no small feat to catch 10 trophy-sized fish, but it's a lot of fun and time well-spent outdoors."

Twenty-four species are eligible for the program in Wyoming.

Participating in the Master Angler program is easy — the hard part is catching trophy fish once you get out on the water.

"An angler who lands a fish that meets or exceeds the minimum qualifying length from snout to the top of a pinched tail must take and submit a side-view photograph of the fish," game and fish said. "Include in the photograph an object, like a ruler or coin, to validate the length. Submit the photo, angler information and details about the species and where it was caught on the Game and Fish website."

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