Counting sheep is a relaxing way to fall asleep, unless you’re Ci the border collie, in which case it would most likely lead to frightening night terrors. Ci may technically be a sheepdog, but he’s also afraid of sheep, a fear that dates all the way back to puppyhood. According to his 54-year-old owner Jane Lippington, the sheep herding instinct is definitely present in Ci, but instinct can only take him so far.

“If they run away from him, he will go after them and act like a proper sheepdog, but the moment they turn and face him he runs away….The only way to make it work is for me to get behind them first and shoo them so they run away and then Ci joins in. It just means a lot more work for us to do.”

Despite the extra work, Jane and her 62-year-old husband Donald say they can’t imagine life on their 200 acre farm without him. So what if he’s a little sheepish? That’s not too far from the mark.

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