New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on suspension through game four of the season because of “Deflategate.” And today, the Patriots announced that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is doubtful to play Thursday, leaving the team in an awkward situation of needing a quarterback.

After the Patriots’ win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, CBS’s Boomer Esiason thinks they should reach out to Peyton Manning to back up rookie Jacoby Brissett, or start ahead of him. says “Yes, Peyton Manning was the quarterback on the Super Bowl champion Broncos last season, but they won in spite of him, and certainly not because of him. His arm was shot, and in the regular season he threw nearly twice as many interceptions as touchdowns.”

Yahoo Sports adds: “There’s a 'sure, why the heck not?'” quality to it, a bizarro-world replacement like Axl Rose subbing in for AC/DC’s ill lead singer, but there’s one major problem: no way in hell Peyton Manning is willing, ready, or able to come back and play for the Patriots. Manning’s neck is graham cracker pie crust, his arm is a garden hose, his bank account is plenty swollen, and he’s got plenty of bathrobe-wearing commercials to keep him busy.”

“Although it’s worth noting that you’re not going to find two more brilliant football minds than Manning and Bill Belichick. If those two were to join forces, they’d carve through the league like a blade through cotton candy.

Of course, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, and Johnny Manziel are also available. Bring ’em all into camp, Belichick. It’d be the greatest QB audition ever.” sums it up with “Backup Jimmy Garoppolo has played well in Brady’s absence, but he left Sunday’s 31-24 victory over Miami late in the first half with a hurt right shoulder.

Third-stringer Jacoby Brissett wasn’t asked to do much — the Patriots passed only nine times in 35 plays while he was in the game — but he didn’t mess anything up either. With Garoppolo’s status unknown and the Patriots playing again Thursday night against Houston, Brissett could get his first NFL start.

At this point, the rookie who was drafted in the third round by New England is the only quarterback available for the Patriots, who don’t even have one on their practice squad.”

Michael Vick would seem to be a better option for the Patriots than Peyton Manning. He is more temperamentally willing to be Brady’s backup and is arguably a better player right now. It would be genuinely shocking if they resorted to Peyton Manning.”

I can't see Peyton playing again, what about you?