Back in those optimistic days of 2015, SNL made a trumpeting announcement that Taran Killam would succeed series vet Darrell Hammond under Donald Trump’s famous hair, though the impression seemed to have been retired with the presidential candidate’s actual hosting. Hammond has resumed the role ever since, with Killam shifting into the role of Texas senator Ted Cruz, though it seems SNL had in mind to tap Jimmy Fallon’s Trump impression in December, before returning the role to Hammond.

An intriguing breakdown of SNL Season 41’s political satire over at UPROXX included the surprising tidbit, which claims that Fallon had originally scheduled a return to his SNL stomping grounds with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in December, before Hammond was called to return:

By the time Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the last SNL of 2015, Killam had been reassigned as Ted Cruz (we’ll get to this in a bit) and (in what kind of seems like a desperate move), Darrell Hammond was brought back as Trump full time. (There’s a little more to this story: Jimmy Fallon had been tapped to guest as Trump during this show, but that fell through and Hammond stepped in. Regardless, Hammond has been playing Trump ever since with mixed results.)

The report also makes a convincing argument Killam returning to the role of Marco Rubio (currently occupied by Pete Davidson) if the GOP race edges out Chris Christie, freeing up Bobby Moynihan to play Ted Cruz. We’ll certainly see more political sketches this coming weekend, with Bernie Sanders stand-in Larry David finally hosting full time, but would Fallon have fared any better with his own take on the billionaire blowhard?

Stay tuned for the latest SNL this weekend, while we wait.

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