I will admit that what I’ve just learned makes me feel kinda dumb. OK, so I already felt dumb, but this made it even worse. I now know why Casper school buses have that white on the top.

This topic was trending on Digg thanks to a video done by Bright Side. It asked the question about why school buses have white on their top. I had never noticed this before and decided to see if it was also a Casper thing.

When I went to pick up my daughter from the bus stop, I was at the top of the hill when it made the turn and was able to look down on it. Sure enough, there was a white strip on the top of the bus.

As the video above states, there are a couple of primary reasons why there is white on the top of a school bus. First of all, school buses have no air conditioning so the white helps keep the bus slightly cooler during spring and summer months. Duh. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that. This is one of the reasons why my teachers had me sit at the front of the class.

The other reason which I also didn’t know was the fact that white on top would hypothetically help if the bus needed to be spotted by a rescue helicopter since white is easier to see from the air. Makes sense.

I don’t doubt that most people probably knew about the white on top of the school bus thing. For me, it was something that should have been obvious, but wasn’t because...duh.