Sunday night CBS featured an interview conducted by Lara Logan on the iconic band Aerosmith, on it's 60 Minutes program.Aerosmith fans that got to watch the special were treated to some cold hard facts about the way members feel towards Steven Tyler.

After noting that all of the other Aerosmith members respected the singer, Logan revealed, " [Joey Kramer] said you tortured him, Tom [Hamilton] said you can be unspeakably cruel...Brad [Whitford] said that you can be extremely demanding and sometimes impossible to talk to."

Tyler's response was to agree, "You're a hundred-percent correct. I've said many things to all those guys I should never have said that I didn't mean."

Joe Perry hinted he  sometimes wants to "punch" Tyler, but his jaw is valuable.

Guitarist Joe Perry said he tolerates his songwriting sidekick Steven Tyler because he is an immense talent but when asked if the band's disagreements over the years have ever led to a fight, Perry said, "That would damage the relationship too much; besides he needs his jaw to sing."

Tyler was taken aback by Perry's comment.

Meanwhile, some more interesting information has come to light about the new Aerosmith album. In a Twitter post on Friday, former American Idol top 10 finalist Lauren Alaina wrote:

Returned to Idol & then went to the studio to record background vocals for the new Aerosmith record. #ISTHISREAL? Thank u Steven!

See the entire 60 Minutes interview here: