Around Wyoming, at least four Loaf 'N Jug gas stations have run out of gas within the past week.

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In Casper, at least two locations, one on Poplar Street and another on Beverly Street, reported that they currently don't have any fuel, with one saying they ran out within the past day, and another saying it ran out within the past week.

One location in Riverton said it had run out of gas a week ago but had received a new delivery of gas Thursday morning, while a location in Lander had just run out of gas on Thursday morning.

As to why they ran out, two gas station attendants gave different answers, with one saying it was due to the limited amount of gas that is available and another saying they did not know the reason.

It is unclear when the locations that ran out of gas will get more, and it is unclear if other gas stations have run out.

Gas prices have risen in the past several months, going from a national average of $3.49 a gallon on Feb 1, to $4.92 a gallon on June 1.

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