As we come together on Martin Luther King's birthday to reflect on the man who gave his life for his "dream" of equality for all mankind, we're reminded that not all share the same sentiments.
We've traveled a long hard road, however we still have many miles to conquer. Perhaps, on this day, one day (hopefully) we can come together and realize the true meaning of all men being free and equal.
It saddens me this took place in my home state. After almost twenty years of being away from Alabama, I still get questioned, 'will you ever return to the place of your birth?'
Probably not. There's much more to life than hanging on to the past. I do feel if we don't learn from our past history, we are doomed as a people.
Remember Dr. King on this day as a man of peace and love. Let’s move forward and try to live up to his lofty dream.