The hacking of Sony has altered the plans for the comedy The Interview and got another project from a different company that was to star Steve Carell cancelled.


Deadline reports New Regency has pulled the plug on the untitled thriller, which would have been set in North Korea and helmed by Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. Production would have started in March.

Fox had declined to distribute the film, and Deadline's sources say that given the current situation with Sony, it didn't make sense to move forward with it.

Verbinski reacted with a statement to Deadline that reads in part, "My thoughts: I find it ironic that fear is eliminating the possibility to tell stories that depict our ability to overcome fear."

Sony Pictures announced Wednesday it has cancelled the Christmas Day release date of The Interview, after hackers threatened theaters that planned to show the film. Several movie chains pulled The Interview from its schedule prior to Sony's decision.

Carell tweeted on Wednesday that it was a "sad day for creative expression."


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