The world of walleye fishing can be a very secretive society, especially when the fishing is hot!  But I was fortunate to find a few fishermen who were willing to share info with me and help me get started catching walleye.  Now I try to pass that knowledge and same assistance along to anyone wanting to catch walleye.

After getting hooked on fishing for walleye in Wyoming just about 5 years ago, I now find myself talking to all kinds of people about walleye fishing and am always shocked to learn that many people in the cowboy state have fished all their lives have never caught one.  I think part of what makes walleye fishing so addictive to me is that they can be a very elusive fish and rarely do people just catch one by accident.

So that got me thinking - I wonder how many people who fish Wyoming waters have never caught a walleye?


The best part of why I fish for walleye is that I love the taste!  Walleye are by far my favorite fish to eat.  But if you've never caught a walleye, then you've probably never tasted this delicious fish either.  Unless you've had it in a restaurant or at the home of someone willing to share their bounty with friends.

As the water warms in Wyoming's reservoirs, walleye are starting to prowl the shorelines looking to warm themselves after a cold winter and looking for an easy meal.

Spring is one of the best times to try and catch walleye for bank fishermen and boaters alike.   Walleye can be found in as little as 2 feet of water this time of year.  A jig and live bait (minnow, worm or leech) is all you need to get started.  Many people also catch them with just a hook and live bait and let it rest on the bottom or suspend it just off the bottom with a bobber.

As I begin the 2017 hunt for big walleye, I also keep in mind that those big fish you see in photos on Facebook and Instagram are sometimes 15-20 years old.  So when I catch one over 20", I put it back to swim and breed and make more walleye for future generations!

I'm often asked 'Where' to fish and 'What' to use and even 'how to' catch walleye.  So, this year I plan on putting a few videos together during the spring and summer to try and help would be walleye fishermen to catch their first of many walleye or to help folks just starting out to catch more fish.  Stay tuned!

If you venture out to fish for walleye, Good Luck!  And if you want tips or info, just ask and I'll share with you what I know and what works for me.



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