Plastic straws are coming under fire lately as environmental groups campaign for their complete elimination. Starbucks announced that they will be phasing out single-use plastic straws by 2020, replacing them with a cold-drink alternative that looks a bit like a sippy cup. The entire city of Seattle followed suit, planning to enact a ban within the next year on all plastic straws and utensils for all businesses that sell food or beverages.

Even in the nation's capitol, a DC Council member introduced a proposed bill today for the banning of plastic straws. Others around the internet are up in arms about the decision, but not for the reason you would think. Some people say that the ban on plastic straws will negatively affect those with disabilities that require straws, and particularly the bending nature of plastic straws, to drink at all.

So let us know in the poll below: Do you support the ban of plastic straws that will be coming in the next few years?


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