Ozzy Osbourne follows his own path, at his own speed, and no one really knows what he's going to do except Osbourne himself — and maybe his wife Sharon. All those caveats being what they are, guitarist Steve Stevens seems to think his recent co-writing work with Osbourne will end up on the Black Sabbath singer's next solo album.

As previously reported, Osbourne and Stevens ended up making a musical connection thanks to their mutual friend Billy Morrison, who plays alongside Stevens in Billy Idol's band. "He’s not gonna be in my band," explained Osbourne last fall. "I said, ‘I’ve got some ideas,’ and we worked it out."

Stevens shared his own version of events during a recent interview with All That Shreds, explaining that it all started when Morrison "asked me to do some writing with Ozzy," which led to a studio summit.

"We spent about a week working on some tunes," said Stevens. "I haven’t heard anything, so I guess he’s really happy with them. So yes, I did some writing and recording with him."

Stevens also corroborated Osbourne's prediction that Stevens wouldn't be in his band, describing himself as "really dedicated" to Idol — which is a gig that's going to keep him away from home for much of 2017. Aside from his own impending solo tour, Stevens plans to gig with Idol all over the world this year.

"We do a Vegas residency at the Hard Rock. We did that all last year and we’re resuming up in March; we do that for four months out of the year," said Stevens. "Then we’re heading down to South America to do Rock in Rio and ... we have dates with Aerosmith, so it’s a little bit of both."

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