I'm gonna file this new study I found under "interesting". It claims that Cody is a better city for young professionals than Casper.

This comes from Niche. They released their 2019 Best Places for Young Professionals list for Wyoming. Their methodology for how they decided this is pretty extensive. It includes 13 different factors that they think make for a good place for young professionals. That includes the following:

  • Number of 25 to 34 year old residents
  • Higher education rate
  • Cost of living
  • Places you can walk to
  • Young people living under poverty level
  • Number of young professionals that moved to the area

When all the factors are considered, Cody, Laramie and Cheyenne all come up with a higher rating than Casper. Cody comes in at #6 and Casper is at #11 among Wyoming cities for young professionals.

I saw one of the comments on Niche that said that Cody is "the new west". That person claims they've lived there for 4 years, so I respect they have a valid opinion. The part I have a hard time believing is housing possibilities in and around Cody weren't great last time I looked. How can that not be a mammoth problem for a young professional trying to get established in an area. No doubt the outdoor opportunities near Cody are stellar, but they're not bad in Casper either.

Check out the full study and see if you agree with Wyoming's young professional assessment.

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