This probably won't come as a surprise to most Wyoming natives. According to a new study from the website, motorists here in the Cowboy State are the second fastest drivers in the country.

The study, titled Worst Drivers By State, compared each state based on statistics complied by the National  Highway Traffic Safety Administration. States were ranked based on a number of factors, including fatality rates, drunk driving arrests, careless driving citations, speeding violations and the percentage of accidents that involved failure to obey traffic signals, seat belts and driving with invalid licenses.

Wyoming drivers ranked as the second fastest in the nation, finishing just behind New Hampshire. In spite of our need for speed, motorists here in the Cowboy State were ranked among the safest overall, finishing in 36th place.

Wyoming has one of the lowest rates of careless driving citations in the country, ranking 49th. The number of drunk driving arrests in Wyoming is also among the best, in 41st place.

According to the study, Montana has the country's worst drivers, followed by South Carolina, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Minnesota motorists were ranked as the safest in the nation. Ohio, Vermont, Iowa and Nebraska round out the top five states for overall automobile safety. Click here for the full report.


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