Dog Yoga In Sync With Master [VIDEO]
Doing the Downward Dog gives a distinct advantage to the 4 legged participant, but the simpatico joining in on exercise is a thing of beauty the highlights the best of why we love our dogs.
No, I can't see a cat doing this. I know, one owns me...
Zombies Brought Back to Life – by Yoga? [VIDEO]
Maybe zombies are just misunderstood. Maybe the stiff brain-eaters would be more relaxed with a little bit of exercise.
In a humorous new commercial for Canadian charity Yoga Outreach, a staggering horde of the undead are brought back to life after taking a yoga class. In fact, after a few downw…
Flexible Duo Give Daring Yoga Demo on NYC Subway [VIDEO]
When it comes to taking the subway, most people just want to relax. But while some are content to simply spend their commute reading a good book or listening to music, the flexy-bendy folks in this video felt the need to take it further when they performed an acrobatic ‘yoga&CloseCurlyQuote…
Alcohol Apparently has Same Affect as Yoga [PHOTOS]
Are you throwing your money down the toilet by paying for professional yoga classes? Well put that check book away! Now you can get the exact same results by just drowning in the bottle of your own choosing. Check out the pics and you'll see what I mean.