It takes both art and science to make a good alcoholic spirit. The Cowboy State has its share of quality distilleries that have transcended the days of moonshining. Although legal moonshine is still made in the Cowboy State.

On the Wyoming Tourism website, they created the Wyoming Distillery Tour. They gave us the points on the map, and we created the itinerary. All and all the tour looks like a great trip for locals and tourists alike.

Now we insist you do not drink and drive. In fact, we recommend taking a few days to enjoy this road trip. Make sure you can fully immerse yourself in each distillery and the town it is in. Depending on where you start, you can follow these in the order listed. Or you can go backward starting in Casper (at Backwards Distillery.) Heck, you could omit a place on the tour and go in a straight line, but what's the fun in that!
  • 1

    Wojtek Distillery in Laramie

    Nostrovia! Drink up with some Wyoming Vodka. The first stop on the tour is in Laramie at the Wojtek Distillery. Triple distilled? Meh, that's child's play. They distil their vodka six times for the smoothest finish.

  • 2

    Jackson Hole Still Works

    Jackson Hole Still Works uses local sources for grains to produce a truly Wyoming product. Their Highwater Vodka and Great Gray Gin can be sampled in their tasting room.

  • 3

    Wyoming Whiskey in Kirby

    Wyoming Whiskey is the first legal distillery in the Cowboy State. They started with a whiskey and recently added a bourbon and Outryder (not quite a bourbon but not quite a rye.)

  • 4

    Koltiska Distillery in Sheridan

    Kolts Fine Spirits wants you to join in their celebration and "lust for life and fine liquor." The Koltiska Distillery tour costs $10 (active military get in free.) The tour gets you two free samples plus a voucher good for $10 off purchase. Not to mention you get to check out the distillery.

  • 5

    Big Lost Meadery in Gillette

    Big Lost Meadery claims their mead is meant to bring out your inner "Wild Man or Crazy Woman." Most alcohol tends to do that naturally, but this honey distilled concoction will be sure to go down smooth.

  • 6

    Backward Distilling Company in Mills

    This distillery has made an impression on the town of Casper. Locals love it. You can find them at every festival and party. They are a true Wyoming craft distillery with an expanding product line. So far they make Ringleader Vodka, Sword Swallower Rum, Contortionist Gin, and Strongman Gin.

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