It seems unlikely that we'll ever get new music from Talking Heads, but there are still unexplored corners of the band's legacy -- like 'Theme,' an instrumental track from their early years that's currently making the rounds online.

Recent interest in the song was sparked by a post at the fan site The Name of This Site Is Talking Heads that refers to the recording as "recently surfaced," but it's definitely worth nothing that 'Theme' has been floating around for awhile; in fact, the above clip was uploaded in April 2012.

Still, even if it isn't as "new" as recent reports have made it out to be, 'Theme' will be of interest to fans eager for a glimpse of Talking Heads' formative period. Recorded at a CBGB's show on July 30, 1976, it finds the group testing out new material in front of a crowd that already seems familiar with its work. "This is an instrumental," singer David Byrne tells the audience, to which someone shouts back, "No title?"

"We call it 'Theme,'" responds Byrne, "but then we keep it to ourselves."

The band's debut album, 'Talking Heads: 77,' was released on Sept. 16, 1977; by that time, 'Theme' had been dropped or absorbed into a set of songs that included the landmark early hit 'Psycho Killer.' Talking Heads released their final studio LP, 'Naked,' in 1988.

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