Now there are minor, sometimes major cultural differences to every state you visit. Lots of these have to do with “how thigs work around here”, which translates to how loose or tight guidelines are on anything. Another cultural difference with each state is the accent, or just how some words are said. Now we in Wyoming don’t have a very thick accent, most of us don’t, but the Wyoming accent has a very, very slight southern drawl. I’m sure most of us have fell into the gateway into the accent by using words like “y’all” and “ain’t”. Now these words are now recognized by the English Dictionary as real words.

There are numerous reasons that people can struggle with words, speech impediments, lisps, never heard it spoken, or sometimes ignorance. The words that I chose below are all words that come from ignorance or straight up misinformation. Some of these we remove letters from, replace them with our own, or just make up what we think it should sound like. If you are a ‘word-nerd’ like myself, stuff like this drives you CRAZY. Some of these just baffle me that people either can’t or won’t say right.

To be fair some of these words are very hard, and English is an incredibly difficult language. English has frustrating homophones, and lots of spelling that just doesn’t make sense. We treat our language much like we do our country, with loads of freedom and a dash of entitlement.

Man... English is hard.

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