While most of us celebrate Father's Day with our fathers,however there are some sad exceptions to the norm. Take for instance the state of Tennessee (a state that I love) coming to grips with some outrageous deadbeat dads.Terry T. Turnage of Memphis is one of these dads.

Terry T. Turnage of Memphis, who has 23 CHILDREN with 17 WOMEN.  He pays some of those women a whopping $9 a month in child support.

Richard Colbert of Memphis is another.

Richard Colbert of Memphis, who has 25 CHILDREN with 18 WOMEN.  He doesn’t pay any child support . . . and another man with his name says he gets calls all the time from women and children asking for money.

And the last dad on the list.

Desmond Hatchett of Knoxville has 30 CHILDREN with 11 WOMEN.  He’s currently in jail for aggravated assault, and asked to have his support payments reduced.  He currently pays $1.50 per child.

78 kids and 46 different women! You have to feel for the kids in these situations, they didn't asked to be born! Even if the dads are made to pay, when you split support 20-30 times (unless dad is a millionaire) it's not going far!


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