Now that the Thanksgiving Day festivities are over and the kitchen is clean, there is all this leftover turkey. What to do? Yes, there is the traditional ways to use your leftovers like turkey sandwiches or turkey soup. But why not kick thins up a notch? Here are 5 different ways to use your thanksgiving leftovers.

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    Stuffing Waffles

    OMG Becky! Yes, put those leftover stuffing in to a greased up hot waffle iron. Cook them till they are nice a crispy on the outside. Next smother with your favorite sauce. This recipe uses your leftover cranberries to make a sauce. Or just pile turkey on top and smother with gravy.

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    Turkey Egg-rolls

    This one takes a little more prep and a trip to the grocery store, but takes Thanksgiving leftovers to a completely different culinary region. You will need some egg roll wraps and coleslaw, but it will transform that bird to another feather.

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    Turkey Pizza

    From the mastermind of Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman gives us this recipe for turkey pizza. And why not? We have bbq pizza, Asian pizza, ranch pizza … let’s have Thanksgiving Pizza! It has stuffing “meat” balls, shredded turkey, and mashed potatoes. Is it nap time yet?

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    Mashed Potato Gnocchi

    If you have your heart set on turkey soup, why not add some gnocchi using the leftover mashed potatoes? Noodles are the norm. It is an easy addition and will take your food to the next level. Or better yet, skip the broth and use some spaghetti sauce.

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    Turkey Croquettes

    It is just fun to say croquettes, but even better to eat them. They are a fried roll of meat of veggies. These one are made of leftover turkey with a cranberry dipping sauce. Because fried foods are always better with a dip.

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