Recently I was at a quiet campsite in Wyoming where the only sounds to be heard were the chattering birds, a slight breeze, and a friend of mine making an occasional comment. I got a laugh from the group when I made the comment, "Would be peaceful here if that damn creek would stop babbling."

Having lived in major cities, I can honestly say that a person does actually get used to the constant sounds of traffic, police sirens and car alarms.

By comparison, Wyoming is quiet. City folk come out here and actually have to get used to sleeping without the constant rumble they are used to.

But that is not to say that Wyoming does not have it's annoying noises. Here are a few.

1). People from out of state telling us how they do things back home. (Hate that one.)

2). Someone using the wrong caliber gun to shoot what they are shooting at.

3). The quiet that the air makes when the wind stops to catch its breath so it can blow even harder.

4). Something in the woods that sounds like it's stalking us but we can't see it.

5). A fishing line breaking.

I've got to admit I've probably put the worst one first. I'm sure you have a few ideas of your own. We could probably add things like, campers at the next camp site who don't know when to shut up and enjoy the quiet. Maybe that buddy you take hunting who can't stop yakking. OR THE WORSE ONE YET - that sound of that last beer in the cooler being popped open.

Got any more suggestions? Sent them to us.


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