Looking for food that's good for you, Cheyenne Frontier Days is not the place.

For those who love the food that just seems to go with CFD, based only on calories, here are the Top 5 best, or maybe worst.

5. The Spiral Spud. Calories 250 per serving. Aside from the snappy name, and cool look, there's not much very special about it. (And some say it could use more salt.)

4. Corn dogs still rank. Calories 460 in a small one. And who has just one? (See staggering facts here about the corn dog specifically at Cheyenne Frontier Days.)

3. Funnel Cake with sugar and whipped cream. Calories 760. (And that's without syrup?)

2. Deep Fried Oreos. Calories 890.  May give an ill feeling (just from looking at it).

1. The Deep Fried Cheeseburger. Calories 1000.  Nuff said, right?

Any one of these may take years off of your life, but for a few minutes you can be in delicious heaven.

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