The website put together a list of the best donut shops in all 50 states. The art of deep fat frying lard and flour is recognized with great delight by cops and fatties far and wide (wide being the operative word). They say that here in Wyoming, no better donut can be found outside of Rocks Springs and Cowboy Donuts. The article says:

“Jay and Penny Hammond and Derek and Michelle Johnson opened the shop back in 2011, when the local donut scene was rather bleak. Their brainchild's made the scene a lot brighter now, and even got a hot cameo on Food Network Canada's Donut Showdown.”

So if you’re looking for Wyoming's best of the best in the health food category, its Cowboy Donuts in Rock Springs.

If you’re in Bozeman, Montana, try Granny's Gourmet Donuts which is owned by a granny, named Bob. Sure, sounds legit.

Glazed and Confuzed in Denver, Colorado will take care of those munchies, and maybe help you lose a foot to diabetes with their sweet doughy confections. Haven’t heard if there’s a THC level to some of them….

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