Male Strippers

Sorry ladies, male strippers are hard (difficult) to find in Casper.  Rumor has it that there is a service that provides manly dancers, but reservations must made a month in advance, none of which could we verify. The ladies at Christina's Lingerie say that maids of honor around here generally ask a particularly hunky friend to do the honors, and the accessories and costuming he'll need can be found at Christina's Lingerie, 2740 East Third Street, phone 234-2251.M

Pottery Party

So, from tradition, the stuff that a bride-to-be needs is collected into a trousseau.  And a bachelorette party can add personal touches to that trousseau by having bridesmaids and friends decorate dishes for the matrimonial estate, which is why Pottery By You would be a way for the bride to remember her party as she warms up her coffee in the morning.

Pottery By You, 1627 East Second Street, phone 472-9087, books private parties for just such occassions.

Karaoke Night

Dori Kelley, of Christina's, said she had a bachelorette party that featured karaoke, and during the conversation someone mentioned a treasure hunt, where clues leading to the next clues were left around town to eventually lead to the party venue.  Yes, the clues could lead to anyplace that provides conviviality, but with karaoke as the goal.

Karen and Jim's Restaurant, 520 South Ash Street, phone 266-4976, would be the place bachelorettes can sing.

Group Makeover

Casablanca Hair Salon offers makeover parties.  Omeed will do the hair and makeup and photography.  Bachelorettes can have a new hairdo for the wedding, and if they time it right, getting the drunken revels taken care of in a pre-bachelorette bachelorette party, then the bridal party could still look ravishing in time for the wedding.

Casablanca, 1615 East Second Street, phone 237-2515.

Day of Pampering

And if the personal makeover doesn't help relax bachelorettes and give them the regal glow, there's Seasons Day Spa and Salon.  Tammy Bergman is the lady you want to talk to and she can set up a bachelorette spa party where bridesmaids can get manicures, pedicures, detox wraps, and facials.  Ladies can even get acrylic nails for that added elegance for the nuptials at Seasons Day Spa and Salon, 232 West First Street, phone 472-4552.

So there you have it, our top five places for a bachelorette party in Casper. Don't worry, if these aren't spicy enough for you, check out this list of Bachelor Party ideas from our sister station Rock 96.7!