The Blue Envelope Blood Draw 2016, is happening through Saturday, March 19th, at the Wyoming Health Fairs Building.

No appointment necessary, 12 hour fast required (except diabetics)
Please drink plenty of water and take medications as usual
No appointments needed!
Results will be mailed

Blue Health Envelope offers the LOWEST PRICES in the state!

What types of test are being offered during the fair?

Blood Chemistry Panel – Full 32 level screening for bone and electrolyte levels along with heart and kidney functions and liver and lipid functions with cholesterol, pro-tein, iron, glucose and thyroid levels.
Drink plenty of water & take medications as usual

Hemogram – Complete blood count (CBC) of red and white blood cells and platelets. Also, screens for anemia and leukemia and other disorders that affect the cells in your blood.

PSA for Men – Screening for Prostate cancer in men over age 50. If there is a family history it is recommended at age 40.

Hemoglobin A1C – Measures historical blood sugar control up to 3 months. This test is recommended twice a year for diabetics.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) - is an inflammatory marker-a substance that the body releases in response to inflammation. CRP levels can provide physicians with info. about a patients risk of heart disease.

Ferritin – Indicates the level of high iron stored and can be useful in screening for hemochromatosis, anemia and some liver diseases.

Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy - Provides an assessment of overall vitamin D status for the screening of deficiency or toxicity. This test measures both D2 and D3 together and reports a total 25-hydroxy vitamin D. Several factors are associated with an increased risk of developing vitamin D deficiency.

Blood Type – Determination of ABO blood group and Rh type. Group and typing of expectant mothers and newborns may indicate potential for ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn. Rho(D) typing is used to determine Rh immune globulin candidacy for prenatal and postpartum patients.

Click Cumulative Results to see an example of your results with explanations

Additional Tests Offered:



Blood Pressure

Body Fat Analysis

Skin Scope (sun damage)

The above tests are offered for no charge

Available for a fee:

Bone density Health risk assessment

For more information please call: 307.233.4455

If you've ever wondered why is called "The Blue Envelope Health Fund," here's your answer.

According to the Blue Envelope Health Fair web-site this is how the organization became known as "The Blue Envelope Health Fund."

Continuing a philosophy which endures to this day, Blue Envelope has always stressed that donations should go where intended at the local level, to help with health care, and not for overhead expenses and when, in the early days of the organization, a low bid on envelopes, which turned out to be blue instead of white, was received, the Blue Envelope board started using those envelopes which soon became identified with the organization and eventually became the legal name.

Through the years, the Blue Envelope Heath Fund has supported many community health-related services including CPR training classes, YMCA programs, and cardiac rehabilitation along with direct financial assistance and has been instrumental in the establishment of the Life Flight air ambulance service in Wyoming, the Central Wyoming Counseling Center and the Central Wyoming Hospice program.

In 1973, Blue Envelope organized the Blue Envelope Health Fair which is annually attended by several thousand people and in 2001, to further promote wellness and disease prevention, a Wellness Division was established with the goal of developing a community wellness program in partnership with other community health organizations.

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