I don't know about you, but biking across America sounds like a pretty good vacation! Of course, you'll have to take quite a bit of vacation time from your day job to be able to complete this coast to coast bike trail that passes right through the cowboy state.

According to Travelandleisure.com the coast to coast bike trail is just over 50% complete and when it's finished will pass through 12 states and if you wanted to bike the whole thing in one sitting, it would take you 247 hours to do so... According to Google but the route that they have is just a little bit different from the one that's going to be passing through our state. So, it might take you a little less time or it could end up being just a little bit longer.

But you get to pass through the upper north part of the cowboy state! Which is super exciting. So strap on your helmets and get your camelbacks ready, It's going to be one hell of a ride!

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